Hi!  Thanks for reading :)

Once upon a time I was a writer and filmmaker.  Then I grew up and became a clinical psychologist and a parent.  Then my children went to college and my wife, a film curator, went back to school to become a therapist and meanwhile a client gave me a book on cartooning, and making art in general, Syllabus by Linda Barry, which I highly recommend.

Anyway, I started writing and drawing again, like when I was a kid, and then my family encouraged me to take a class and I was scared and nervous and a little too old for that I thought, but I am also a clinical psychologist and so I know that anxiety is all about avoidance, and so I went to class and made new friends and met awesome teachers and made a comic book.

If you want to tell me something you can:  poptheworld "at" att.net (I didn't write it with the "@" because of my fear of spam-making robots, so if you're a friendly spam-making monster robot please draw me a picture of yourself so that I know that a) you are not a real monster and b) that you are pretty friendly).

Maybe say something friendly in the subject line like "Awkward Friendly Robot/Person/Animal" so I will better notice it amongst the fake friendly emails.

Oh, and if you have an interest in parenting, please visit my blog about parenting, Privilege of Parenting, or better yet, read my book about parenting that I worked really hard on while I was parenting:  Privilege of Parenting